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Jam Besar seems to have a meaningful affection to us locals …we always include them in our wayfinding.

I believe everyone has their own attachment to an image of the city buried deep in us as Malaysians. Mine is the old-looking clock tower Jam Besar, what’s yours?,, … READ MORE

In the context of town planning in Malaysia, the concept of syura assures that evaluation of people’s opinion is done to obtain the truth which resembles residents of a particular area whose opinion should be valued in planning a development., … READ MORE

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (URP), Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design (KAED), led a breakout session for the National Planning Congress (NPC) 2020 on the theme “Qualitative strength in ensuring a sustainable community living in Malaysia. , … READ MORE


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A day before the International Comparative Planning Studies System COMPASS 2021 webinar, setup by Bachelor of Urban & Regional Planning, Batch 21 IIUM – Gangstafilia. 

Webinar title: Disaster Resilient and Sustainability.


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City Expo Malaysia (CEM) 2021 – from 8th November until 8th December 2021

CEM 2021 will be the first and largest virtual expo on city planning and development in Malaysia where these global and national issues like environmental threats, resource management, urban inequality, technology adoption and effective governance will be discussed and solutions to these challenges can be put forth – a nexus of ideas to tackle these issues that our cities face. – CEM Official Website, 2021